National Consumer Protection Week is March 2–8

National Consumer Protection Week runs from March 2–8 and is all about making sure consumers understand their rights in order to make better-informed decisions.  Every day we as consumers make choices about things such as health, technology, credit cards, privacy and much more. This week is dedicated to make sure we are well informed when making these choices.

The following resources are great tools to ensure you make safe consumer decisions:

The rise of smartphones has led to the rise of mobile banking, so came up with five tips to help you safely use mobile banking.

In recent years, online shopping has become increasingly popular. Entering your personal information online comes with risks. The Consumer Federation of America lists some helpful tips on how protect yourself from fraud when buying online.

Credit Cards
All of the advertisements and special offers consumers are surrounded with make choosing a credit card company difficult. The Wisconsin Bureau of Consumer Protection has a credit card guide and usage page dedicated to helping consumers make smart decisions when dealing with credit cards.

Identity Theft
The excitement of getting a new computer can lead consumers to forget about their old one. tells consumers how to dispose of old computers so that you do not become a victim of identity theft.

Your Home
Deceptive Mortgage Advertisements are all over the place and consumers need to know to how protect themselves from being fooled. The Federal Trade Commission gives important information on how to pick a safe loan.

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