March Updates to BuckeyeBox

Box has released some new features, which are now available on BuckeyeBox.


Files now preserve original, modified and created dates (where available) for files uploaded via the following methods: Sync, Flash, HTML5, Ajax, Java and embed widget. The detailed date information will be available via the “File Properties” dialog in BuckeyeBox and via the API. The file modified time will also be preserved when downloading multiple files or folders. Detailed documentation is available at

Important to Upgrade to Box Sync 4.0:

All users should upgrade to the new Box Sync 4.0 client. There are major improvements/fixes in this upgrade. Box Sync 4.0 auto upgrade – Box Sync 4.0 is generally available to all users as the default download version on the website. Installation instructions and full documentation are available at If the files on a user’s desktop in Sync 3 aren’t completely in sync with what’s on the Box website before updating, Box Sync 4 uses what’s on the website as the starting point and puts any additional/edited content on a user’s desktop in a new “My Box Files [Backup]" folder. That way no work is lost, and the user can decide which of those files need to be moved over to Sync 4 or updated on the web app. More details on this can be found here:

Additional Updates:

Box for iPhone and iPad v3.0.1 and 3.0.2 – Box released several updates to the new app, which included:

  • adding back two features from v2.8: Airprint and the ability to save videos from Box to the device’s native library
  •   adding ability to send shared links via email through the Gmail app
  • removing the “Share via Email” option if a user does not have the native iOS email client or Gmail app set up to send emails
  •  adding new error messaging if a user attempts to upload a file that is larger than their upload limit update – The experience for shared links on iOS has been improved with an update to the site. When a user clicks on a shared link (from an email, text, etc.) while on a mobile device, they are now taken to the site and given the option to get the Box app or open the file in the Box app. This will remove the need to log in to to view the shared document.

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