New Campus Wireless Network: "WiFi@OSU"

The Office of the Chief Information Officer is excited to announce a new wireless network, “WiFi@OSU” available as of March 16, 2014. This network is used by visitors of The Ohio State University such as family members, friends or prospective students. In order to use the network, visitors must open a browser window and accept the terms of use. “WiFi@OSU” is an unencrypted network, meaning that there is no security provided by the network and any information shared on it is not guaranteed to be safe. Additionally, the “WiFi@OSU” network is available as a means for current Ohio State students, faculty and staff to configure their computers and mobile devices to use the encrypted “osuwireless” network. After connecting to “WiFi@OSU” and opening a browser window, users will be directed to a network access page that will assist in the configuration process. This will prove to be especially helpful following a password change.


Please be aware that “WiFi@OSU” is not to be used as a replacement for “osuwireless”. Students, faculty and staff should use “osuwireless” once configured, as it is a secure network. “WiFi@OSU” rollout began the week of March 16, 2014. Due to the addition of this new network, the “attwifi” and “osuguest” networks have an April 15, 2014 retirement date. Any questions regarding “WiFi@OSU” or properly connecting to “osuwireless” may be directed to the IT Service Desk at 688-HELP (4357) or  

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