Changes to HR/SIS Upgrade Project Timeline

We recently made the decision to move the implementation of the HR/SIS Upgrade project from Memorial Day weekend to the Fourth of July holiday weekend, July 4-9. This has always been our planned contingency date if we felt the Memorial Day go-live had too many risks.

The HR/SIS Upgrade is a huge project. It affects most everyone on campus – most people use PeopleSoft without realizing it. For example, Employee Self Service (ESS) uses PeopleSoft to enable faculty and staff to manage their personal information, including payroll preferences, contact information and Open Enrollment elections. The re-implementation will enhance the system, offering a new look and making it more user-friendly. You’ll have the same capabilities, though the steps to make updates may change.

When we took on this project, we knew time was our biggest risk – we have so much to accomplish in a short time span. I am very impressed by and pleased with the teams that have been working on the project. They have been and continue to do great work. The team’s commitment to our timeline has been overshadowed only by their passion to deliver a system that functions as it should. To ensure this, our schedule going forward will continue to be aggressive.

This is the right time to make this call – we have plenty of time to shift gears. Lengthening the schedule also brings some benefits, the most important being more time to test the system, find defects and repair them. In making this decision, we carefully considered aspects of the project that are behind schedule and whether this is a realistic time frame to ensure they will be mitigated by giving ourselves a few extra weeks.

Over the next few weeks, you will hear more detailed information, as teams review their plans and make revisions as appropriate. We know there are impacts in many areas of our business – HR, Finance and SIS – and the upgrade team greatly appreciates the assistance of teams across the university who are making changes to the schedule to ensure a high quality outcome.