Student Evaluations of Instruction Now Available Through OSU Mobile

OCIO’s Enterprise Applications team has been testing and perfecting their mobile version of SEIs, or Student Evaluations of Instruction. Beginning with the current summer term, all Ohio State students will be able to take these brief surveys through the OSU Mobile app on their smartphones and tablets.

When SEIs moved from the classroom to an online outside-of-class format, completion rates plummeted. By creating a mobile option for these evaluations, students will be able to take the surveys in class without dealing with antiquated paper forms. Enterprise Applications and Academic Affairs are expecting an increase in completed surveys during the following semesters.

Students, be sure to try out OSU Mobile when completing your SEIs!

Faculty, encourage your students to complete an SEI on a smartphone or tablet during the last day of class!

Quick tips for completing a mobile SEI can be found on YouTube and in PDF format.