180 Days: Keep Your Password Twice As Long

By popular demand, you can now keep your password twice as long! With a 180 day shelf-life, you will only be changing your password a few times year. The system changes commenced on Monday, August 25, 2014.

After setting your new password you will have 180 days before another change is required.

There are no other changes to the password policy. Passwords must still meet the eight character limit requirement. Passwords need to contain at least three of the following character sets:

  • uppercase letters: A-Z
  • lowercase letters: a-z
  • numerals: 0-9
  • special characters, including all keyboard characters and spaces not defined as letters or numerals, such as ): `~!@#$%^&*()_-+={}[]\|:;"' <>,.?/)

Please note passwords may not contain the sequence ".@"

Other suggestions to consider when creating passwords include:

  • avoid dictionary words (e.g., Buckeye, Carmen, Brutus)
  • use all four of the character sets listed above
  • avoid using full name, given name or surname
  • avoid password elements that contain personal identification information (e.g., lastname.#, OSUID, SSN or date of birth)
  • avoid using a capital letter as the first character (e.g., P2meetY0u)
  • avoid using a digit as a last character (e.g., p2meetyo9)

Other common sense password security rules still apply – use a password on all your devices, don’t write it down, don’t give it to anyone, don’t use the same password everywhere.