OCIO to Help Educators and Researchers “eduroam” Around the World

Ohio State is excited to be offering a new tool to students and instructors traveling in the U.S. and internationally and for visitors to our campus.  

The eduroam wireless network began broadcasting at the Ohio Union a few weeks ago, and is now available across campus and at universities across the U.S and worldwide.

eduroam was created by the education community in 2003 because in many countries open guest Wi-Fi networks are not permitted. It allows researchers, teachers, students and staff of participating institutions to connect to eduroam anywhere in the world that the wireless network is available. The users can log into the eduroam network using the log in from their home university.

OCIO is broadcasting the eduroam wireless network across all campus locations for visiting users of participating institutions, and to allow Ohio State users to test their configuration prior to departing for a trip to a participating institution. The use of eduroam is not meant to replace the “WiFi@OSU” network used by campus visitors, nor the existing secure “osuwireless” network as used by current students, faculty and staff.

For information about eduroam and how to configure devices to use it, you can access our knowledge base, article #KB04594. If you have questions about the project, please contact Bob Corbin, Senior Director, Infrastructure via email or by phone at 292-9997.