BuckeyeBox Updates for January 2015

New BuckeyeBox Apps

The OCIO Security Team has approved the use of all apps that Box has reviewed and labeled their Box Assured Apps, https://cloud.app.box.com/One-Cloud-Whitepaper. With this approval we are now able to enable three additional apps for users to utilize with BuckeyeBox: DocsToGo (iOS), GoPaperless (iOS) and OfficeSuitePro (iOS). Users who have placed a request to enable these apps will receive notice that they have been approved and are able to connect to BuckeyeBox within the app. Please note that we are only enabling the access to BuckeyeBox and we do not own or manage these apps. The IT Service Desk cannot provide support for these third party apps. You must contact the individual app provider for any needed assistance.

Box Sync 4.X Updates

We have quite a few users who are still using the old Box Sync 3.x client both on PC and Mac. We are organizing a direct communication to all users that will help them upgrade their versions. We will do our best to notify the BuckeyeBox Unit Leads of those users before any individual message is sent to them. We are waiting until the current semester slows down before we start sending out these messages. On June 30, 2015, Box will no longer support all versions of Box Sync 3.x!

Sync 4 has a new efficient algorithm that is built to scale, and provides users with improved performance and reliability. Read more about it at box.com/sync4 and see the expanded documentation on the migration process and Sync 4 features.

It is important to take a look at the following information provided by Box. Please note that these usually take Local Admin Privileges to upgrade. They do have MSI/DMG packages available for Admin installs and also include a method to designate the sync folder location for your users. Please also note the importance of making sure Box Sync 3 is totally up to date before the upgrade is completed. Follow the link provided for Box support, Upgrading from Box Sync 3 to Sync 4.

As you message this to your end users, here's the most important thing to remind them of: make sure that their Sync 3 files are completely up to date and synced before upgrading. If they are currently experiencing any issues with Sync 3, please ask them to reach out to Box Support now. 

Announcements from Box

To be released this week

Box for iOS v3.6

This week, we will release Box for iOS v3.6. New features include mobile push notifications, triggered when a user is added as a collaborator to a folder and when someone comments on a file they have uploaded; bookmark support for move and delete functions; support for previewers (access permission) to save for offline access; and support for EMM. Admins will be able to control the contextual details a user receives in the push notification. Only individual users will be able to disable push notifications entirely.

Box Notes Updates

In the next few weeks we will add support for tables, version history and image insert via upload in Box Notes. For version history, there will be new saved versions roughly every 5 minutes or after 5 minutes of inactivity. Users can access past versions by hovering over the word "Saved" in the toolbar and clicking "Show version history".

Box Edit v3

This week we will begin rolling out a new version of Box Edit to users who install Box Edit for the first time. Google is phasing out support for NPAPI, which the previous version of Box Edit depended on, and the update addresses issues users may have been experiencing while using Box Edit with newer versions of the Chrome browser. This technical change will not impact existing functionality, and behavior is expected to remain the same. In the coming weeks, Box will auto-update existing Box Edit applications to the new version. To test the new version of Box Edit, you can download and install for Mac or Windows.

Shared Link Character Increase

This week, we will increase the number of characters in shared links for added security. Existing shared links will continue to work as expected. New shared links will have thirty-two random characters moving forward. For more information, please see our Developer's page.

Changing Shared Link Verbiage

This week, we will change the permission language on shared links from "Anyone with this link" to "People with this link" across the Web application. See the new shared link verbiage here. We will subsequently update the Box mobile application for consistent verbiage. The change in verbiage will not affect existing sharing functionality.

Change to Office PowerPoint in Box Preview

Over the next week, we will change how we convert and preview Office document file types. We have done this to improve overall conversion quality and speed. As part of this change, users will lose the ability to click on hyperlinks in PowerPoint files in Box preview on the Web application, m.box, and mobile applications. We hope to restore this functionality in the future.

Danish and Norwegian Localization in Android 3.6

Danish and Norwegian will be added to the list of supported languages on Android 3.6. These languages are already available on our Web application and iOS apps. 

Coming soon

Added Ability to Lock and Unlock Locally in Box Sync

Over the coming weeks we will add the ability to lock and unlock files from the right-click menu of the desktop Box Sync application, which will propagate to the Web application. When a file is locked, collaborators in the synced folder will see the lock iconography locally and in the Web application and experience read-only permission; they will be prompted to save-as or see their edits rejected, depending on the file type and their native operating system's functionality.

Large Folder Operation Improvements

We will implement proactive error messaging that will warn users who attempt a folder operation that exceeds a certain size. The Box Web app UI and API will return immediate acknowledgement of the user's operation and provide a way to query for the ongoing status of any currently running large folder operation rather than delaying a complete/fail response. 

Upcoming Feature and Browser End of Life (EOL)

Throughout the coming quarters, we will remove some functionality to make room for an even better product. Below are the upcoming EOLs for this current quarter. Please review additional information on the Box support site. 

We will end all support for  the Box for Office integration on Office 2007 and any previous Box for Office/Box for Outlook integrations on January 31, 2015. The stated integrations will no longer function after January 31, 2015. Before that time, all users, including those using Office 2010 or 2013, must upgrade to the newest version of the Box for Office integration, as the old version will no longer be supported. Please see instructions on the Box support site. Moving forward, users should leverage the all-new Box for Office integration that supports Office 2010 and Office 365 desktop applications, which includes the Office 2013 suite.

​We recently released a revamped Java SDK for our Content API. This new SDK is currently in beta and is scheduled for GA in the early part of this year. We recommend that any apps or developers currently leveraging the previous SDK start migrating to the new repository, as we will gradually stop maintaining it.

***Moving forward, Box will support the current and prior major releases of the following web browsers, and desktop and mobile operating system versions on a rolling basis. Additional information is available here.

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