State of Security Podcast Features Helen Patton

Our Chief Information Security Officer, Helen Patton, was part of a recent “State of Security” panel discussion and podcast, hosted by Brent Huston (@lbhuston) from MicroSolved, Inc. In 1992, Brent started MicroSolved with a mission to assist other organizations to protect themselves from “hackers, malware and other threats.”

In the podcast Helen Patton (@OSUCISOHelen) shares her thoughts on: ethics in security, women pursuing STEM careers (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and career advice for young people considering information security. Access the podcast from the following link:

Use the timings below to jump to the specific spots featuring Helen. The podcast has a running time of 45 minutes.

4:24 – Helen explains her experience and background

6:50 – How institutions have shifted from “putting up walls and keeping people out” to “safely allowing people in”

12:15 – What made you become passionate about information security?

13:52 – It’s not a matter of handling information security or IT really well, you need to do both

15:00 – What are the key things one must do to thrive within information security careers?

19:30 – Patience while working in the information security industry.

21:24 – What are the challenges for females wanting to work in the STEM fields?

28:00 – What would you say to a female wanting to enter the information security industry if they have concerns about being supported in a male dominated industry?

36:17 – What advice do you have for young people with STEM skills who are being courted by companies with criminal intentions?

38:40 – What would you do differently in your information security career if you could do it over again?

44:20 – What does 2015 mean to you as far as information security?