WiFi tune up underway: More speed, more bandwidth

WiFi has become a necessity: staff want it; faculty require it; students demand it. We expect a secure connection wherever we go on campus. We get frustrated when the connection is too slow, we can’t connect or when we lose signal.

Ohio State wants to deliver a network that is never slow and is always reliable. With the number of devices connecting continually on the rise, that means consistent maintenance and upgrades. We’re investing in a major upgrade starting this month that will provide higher capacity, and we wanted to let you know about it in case you have problems connecting while we’re doing the work.

We’ve added access points (APs) steadily over the years since we launched the network, and there are currently more than 9,000 across campus. Now it’s time for some of the older ones – about 1,900 of those – to be replaced with new, higher capacity APs that will allow more devices to connect to the network at a faster speed.

We’ve just started installing replacements, and will be done by the end of the semester, maybe sooner. We’re upgrading one building’s equipment at a time, so downtime will be kept to a minimum and only limited areas will be affected at any given time. We appreciate your patience, and if wireless happens to be down for a period of time in your area, it should be restored within a few minutes while the equipment is upgraded. Remember that it’s all the name of progress and better service is just a couple months away.