Monthly Security Tips: Online Gaming

“What makes online gaming so engaging is that you can play and communicate with others from anywhere in the world. Quite often, you may not even know the people you are playing with. While the vast majority of people online are out to have fun just like you, there are those who want to cause harm.” - Jake Williams of Rendition Infosec

For example:  Early this month, Microsoft reported social engineering campaigns that target users using monitoring software by “concealing monitoring tools inside application or games available for download from file-sharing websites” and then “collecting private data using email accounts or ftp servers, once the bundled application has been opened.” In addition, early this month new ransomware was reported that targets video game files associated with online and single user games.  The ransomware also targets iTunes-related files, leading researchers to speculate its targets include young adults who value their games and music libraries enough to pay the ransom demands.

The March edition of OUCH!, a monthly security awareness newsletter from the cybersecurity experts at SANS Institute, shares advice on protecting yourself and your family when gaming online. Learn more about securing yourself, securing your system and accounts and online gaming tips for parents.

Additional gaming tips and resources are available from the National Cyber Security Alliance and the FTC's OnGuardOnline site.