BuckeyeBox Updates for April 2015

Upcoming End of Life (EOL)

Throughout the coming quarters, Box will remove some functionality to make room for an even better product. Below are the upcoming EOLs for this current quarter. Please review additional information on the Box support site. 

This week BuckeyeBox Unit Leads received an email that discusses the importance of doing the upgrade from Box Sync 3.x to Box Sync 4.  Here is the information again from Box.

  •          Box announced our latest Sync 4.0 client in December 2013 and began notifying customers in July 2014 that they would end support for Box Sync 3x on June 30, 2015. 
    •  To upgrade now to Box Sync 4, follow this "Upgrading from Sync 3 to Sync 4" guide. We will also push an in-application reminder to upgrade for all Box Sync users who have not deselected in-application notifications.  This will be announced to the Unit Leads before Box enables this.  We will also send emails to the users who have yet to upgrade as the date get near.
    •  Users that haven't upgraded to the latest Box Sync 4x version by June 30, 2015 will be logged out of their desktop Box Sync client and see an error message. They will not be able to log in until they upgrade. 

Releasing this week

Box Notes Improved URL

This week, Box made a few changes to Box Notes URLs.  Box Notes URLs are now shorter and we allow users to bookmark and share those URLs directly from the browser address bar. Existing Box Notes URLs that were previously generated will continue to be backwards compatible and redirect to our new style. Additionally, Box Notes URLs will no longer expire and require refreshed pages to access the latest version of a Box Note.  For a before and after comparison of the URL change, see this side by side comparison.

Coming soon

Improvements to the Web Application – New Preview Experience *******

In the upcoming weeks, Box will release a redesigned preview experience. Check out these screenshots for an early look. You can also test the new preview experience using these feature flips: **Please log into BuckeyeBox first and then to activate the change, please use https://app.box.com/flip/preview_redesign/1 and to deactivate the change, use https://app.box.com/flip/preview_redesign/0. The new experience is scheduled to roll out to free users beginning this week and paid enterprises in two weeks.  We will be sending out additional information real soon to a bigger audience.

Relatedly, Box will also modify the way users leave comments in the web app. Users who can view and add comments will be able to do so in preview mode, but not from the sub-folder and 'all files' pages.   See the before and after experiences here.  To leave a comment on a Box Note, users can click the comment bubble icon for that Box Note.

Box for Android 3.7

In the coming weeks, Box for Android 3.7 will be released and available for download in the Google Play Store.  Recently, Google announced Android for Work, a framework that enables users to have two profiles on their Android device - one for work, and one for personal use. Box for Android 3.7 will support this framework. If a device is provisioned by a MDM provider, the user will see their work profile which will show apps for work with a badge, denoting the separate profiles.  If a user downloads Box on an Android device that is not provisioned, they can still access Box for Android and use it the same way they do today.  

New Box Notes Sharing Sidebar 

Box is improving collaboration and sharing in Box Notes with a new sharing sidebar that will appear as an expandable drawer on the right-hand side of any Box Note and displays a list of collaborators alphabetically organized. Here's what the new sharing sidebar will look like.  

HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) in the Box Web Application

Next month, box will enforce HSTS, a header sent from the application that tells the browser to never connect over an insecure connection (i.e. http). While we adhere to the highest industry standards for security and have long supported SSL, HSTS is an additional security layer that further protects the end user and their Box environment by allowing their browser to skip the http endpoint entirely. Currently, if a user tries to navigate to http://*.app.box.com, HSTS will stop the connection and connect over https://*.app.box.com. In the future, the web application browser will skip the first redirect to the secure https:// website and block the user from visiting http:// entirely. 

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