New Preview Experience Coming to BuckeyeBox

Box will soon release a redesigned “preview” experience for users. You will still be able to preview files on BuckeyeBox without downloading, but the overall look will be a little different and some functionality will change.

The new experience is scheduled to roll out to users over the next couple weeks.  Want to get an early preview? Check out these screenshots for an early look; these screen give you a point-by-point overview of the changes.  Here’s a brief overview of the changes:

  1. You can Edit, Share, and Download directly from the new header bar. Lock, Upload New Version and Favorite commands are still are available from the “Overflow” menu, which is the button with the ellipse (…) on the right side of the header bar. You can no longer Move, Copy, and Delete files when in preview mode.
  2. The right sidebar will include an “Activity” tab that allows you to view the version history, make comments, and assign tasks that are associated with the file.
  3. The action bar that is available on hover, and will allow you to print, rotate, flip to the next/previous slide, play/pause, and adjust volume. You can also Magnify, De-Magnify, View Full Screen or Print.
  4. File metadata such as File Name, Description, Modification Date, and Metadata Templates are available and can be edited from the “Info” tab of the side bar.
  5. Navigating between files within the parent folder from preview is available by hovering over the “Content” section on the right side of the preview window.
  6. The side bar can be opened and closed using the right-most icon in the header that bears this symbol…→|

In addition, Box will also modify the way users leave comments in the web app. Users who can view and add comments will be able to do so in preview mode, but will no longer be able to add comments from the sub-folder view and “All Files” pages. See the before and after experiences here. To leave a comment on a Box Note, users can click the comment bubble icon for that Box Note.

Visit Box’s product blog to learn more.



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