BuckIQ: Dashboard Makes Scheduling Analytics Easier

What if the number of interested students exceeds the capacity for planned sections of a course – can we expand the number of students per section? Which sections are in rooms that are large enough to expand? Can we move some sections to larger rooms?

Working with multiple buildings and numerous classrooms on Ohio State’s enormous campus, those questions aren’t simple to answer. The BuckIQ Seat and Section Analysis Dashboard, the first phase of the course enrollment data warehouse implementation, makes it easier for you to make these decisions.

“BuckIQ is a web‐based business intelligence tool that allows users to answer vital business questions via a point‐and‐click interface that creates customized data summaries,” says Deputy CIO Diane Dagefoerde. “OHR and OCIO have partnered to develop dashboards and reports that help Human Resources Professionals (HRPs) across the university make business decisions on a daily basis. We are building on this success by launching this interface based on student and course data. ”

The new feature includes a Seat and Section Capacity Dashboard that shows student enrollments per section, the enrollment capacity for the class and physical room capacity. These details will help you make informed decisions about whether to increase the enrollment capacity for some sections, open a new section, stop enrollment in certain sections to balance student‐to‐instructor ratio across sections and much more.

What you see on your dashboard is based on criteria you select via a set of dashboard prompts. You can set your preferences using drop‐down menus, making it easy to create the specific analyses you need.  You can save your preferred view so it is easier to run reports later.  You can also export the data into CSV format for use in other data tools.

The Enrollment Services Analysis and Reporting Office is training users in several two‐hour sessions held during the last two weeks of July. These sessions are also a forum to collect user feedback on strategies for optimizing the display, to ensure the tool offers the most useful information for decision‐making and reports. Additional training sessions will be offered in the future.

For more information about BuckIQ and features that may make your job easier, contact Senior Director for BI and Analytics, Steve Fischer via email or at 206-2402.