Change is Good! New Look for OCIO Website on August 10

OCIO is dedicated to its customers, and we continually make improvements to meet their needs. We have some enhancements planned for our public website that will become effective on Monday, August 10. Here’s a preview of what to expect. A few years ago (FY11) we brought many diverse websites (UNITS, OIT, etc.) to create one integrated OCIO site that is useful to customers and visible to the public. Don’t panic!  The menu items you know and love – that are on the left side of the screen in our FY11 design – will be duplicated at the TOP of the screen in the new, FY17 design. We made decisions on what to change based on research we gathered over the past year – we used data from Google Analytics was used to determine what features are used the most. We also hosted focus groups to talk to a variety of staff members and we interviewed senior leaders and customers. Here is what’s new:

  • Quick links: the most commonly used features – like checking system status, resetting passwords, configuring wireless and getting help – are more prominently featured on the red "hot buttons" on the right side of the screen.
  • Visual elements: we updated the site a couple years ago to incorporate new Ohio State branding standards. These will carry through in our new design, but we have added and will continue to feature a greater number of visual features. For example, the "audience specific" pages that were featured in the FY11 design will be more prominently featured in the FY17 design through photo buttons displayed across the bottom of the screen, just above the site footer.
  • More information: If you haven’t already seen them, note that you can visit the site to review the status of our current projects, get a summary of Top 5 Projects, and see what our senior leaders are discussing at their weekly meetings (authentication required).

That’s not all! We will continue to work on the site during this fiscal year to make further improvements. One suggestion we would like to implement is a streamlined menu with fewer general subject headings and a greater number of more specific links under each heading. We also have had requests for more descriptive top-level menu to improve navigation. As we continue to enhance the site, we will continue to inform you before changes go into effect. If you have questions, contact Associate Director of Marketing, Communications and Training Beth Varcho via email or at 292-9240.

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