Streamline approvals with electronic signatures

A system for routing and recording electronic signatures will be available to the university in FY16!

Collecting traditional pen-and-paper signatures can take weeks to complete approval processes because hard-copy documents must still be delivered for physical signatures. Our new electronic signature program, DocuSign will change all that.

“We use electronic signatures on our hiring paperwork,” said Cathy Hardesty, Human Resource Specialist for the College of Veterinary Medicine. “It goes through so much faster, and sends us emails when it’s approved. We’ve also received great feedback from outside customers who appreciated the efficiency of our hiring process.”

Using electronic signatures will speed up the process, eliminate paper copies and improve secure access to the completed documents. The benefits are clear:

  • Reduces time and effort for faculty, staff and students to conduct transactions that require signatures
  • Streamlines signature-based approvals with our vendors and other partners
  • Provides visibility into how far a document is in the approval process and who has yet to approve it.

DocuSign has already being piloted by several departments. As we roll out the product university-wide we will work with each department to determine who should have access as Authors and Senders. In addition, we have created accounts for employees, and are currently working to provision accounts for all students to give them the ability to sign documents electronically.

If you have questions, please contact service owner Steve Lind via email or at 614-247-8952.

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