From Hyland to the University: Ohio State Students Support Enterprise Document Management

Dave Kieffer, Senior Director of Enterprise Applications, found opportunity in an unexpected place. When he realized that Ohio State students were interning at Hyland, the vendor that provides OnBase software for OCIO’s Enterprise Document Management, he saw the chance to bring tech talent back to the university while also building a mutually beneficial relationship with a major vendor. Meeting with these students to share employment opportunities was just the beginning.

The student interns who met with Dave at Hyland were thrilled to learn about student jobs at the university. Sam Yun, ESUE Student Developer, said “I thought it was pretty neat meeting someone who graduated from Ohio State and is now working as one of the heads of IT for one of the largest universities in the world.”

Dave Kieffer was just as excited. “We were blown away,” said Dave. “This was an amazingly talented group of students from all different disciplines, from marketing to software development to engineering.”

These exceptional students are now applying the skills they learned at Hyland to jobs within the university. Liz Cymanski is working as a student developer for the Enterprise Document Management project. “I am currently working on integrating two document management applications together. I am using the OnBase API which I worked on while at Hyland so I was already familiar with the product before starting.” Aubrey Sinclair, Student Assistant in Administration & Planning, added “I learned a lot about working with teams to get projects done as well as professional meeting and emailing skills, which help me in my current role at the university.”

Dave met with 13 Ohio State students, many of which already had campus employment lined up. Out of the five that were interested in student employment, three accepted positions at the university, and management is very pleased with the quality of student help they have received. According to Dave, Hyland provides excellent hands-on work experience on the technical aspects of their software, and when the students work at Ohio State, they go one step further and learn about implementation of the software at the end-user level. Jen Murphy, Campus Relations Program Manager at Hyland confirmed this: “We make certain that they are engaged from the first day of training to their last day here. Each intern is a member of the team that they are working with, not off in a corner doing busy work.”

As for the future, Dave Kieffer and Jen Murphy are looking forward to growing this partnership between Ohio State and Hyland. Dave added “We want to use our relationship with Hyland to set an example for other vendors. We want our partners to be able to create value for students, not just for the business side of the university.”

As for the students, after graduation, some will return to Hyland and some will work for the university, and all have gained valuable job skills through this collaborative partnership.