Monthly Security Tips: Keeping Tabs on Your Tablet

You likely take steps to protect your computer and your online information from the grasp of hackers. You might also make sure your privacy settings are up to date on your smartphone. While you’re on a roll with locking down these devices, don’t forget your tablet!

Learn how to secure your tablet with the January edition of OUCH!, a monthly security awareness newsletter from the cybersecurity experts at SANS Institute. The article reminds you to take some precautions to protect your tablet and your data, such as locking your device, staying up to date with the latest operating systems and being selective about which apps your download.

Once you set up your tablet to be more secure, you should revisit your privacy settings and app permissions regularly to keep it protected. Sometimes it’s nice to have a little reminder about mobile device security. Follow TechOhioState on Twitter, Google+ and Instagram for occasional security tips.