Monthly Security Tips: Connect ALL the Things

Ray Bradbury predicted it back in 1950 in his short story “There Will Come Soft Rains”—household appliances and devices being set to automatically make breakfast, clean the house, open the garage door and more. In 2016, 10 years ahead of Bradbury’s scenario, we’re already entering this world thanks to the Internet of Things. Today you can use your phone to turn your thermostat up or down; your bathroom scale uploads your weight to a tracking app once you step off; lights in your home turn on and off based on your location. With all of these conveniences, have you ever stopped to think about the security of such internet-connected devices?

SANS has! In the May edition of OUCH!, a monthly security newsletter from the cybersecurity experts at SANS Institute, you can learn all about the Internet of Things and the potential vulnerabilities you bring into your house along with the things. Some best practices include setting up a separate Wi-Fi network, using strong passwords and replacing devices with known vulnerabilities.