From GEM to GÉANT: Scott Cantor Recognized for Exceptional Identity Software

"I'm greatly honored by this award, which I obviously share with all of the developers and other contributors to the Shibboleth Project over the last 16 years," says Scott, “several of whom have been involved off and on for the life of the project, and without whom it would never have been successful.”

On May 12, Senior Web Data Access Developer Scott Cantor was presented a GEM award for going the extra mile in his work at The Ohio State University. He was nominated for his dedication to excellence on the latest Shibboleth upgrade.

You are likely familiar with Shibboleth—also known as web single sign-on. All university employees and students have encountered this page, asking them to log in with their name.# and password. The behind-the-scenes mechanics of this seemingly simple site are actually a huge undertaking, but Scott keeps this identity software updated and running to ensure it always works for its numerous users.

Scott’s hard work has been noticed outside the university as well. On June 13, Scott was announced as a winner of a GÉANT community award. GÉANT is Europe’s leading collaboration on network services for education and research. Although he was unable to attend the ceremony in Prague, Scott accepted his award virtually. He was honored by the GÉANT community for his Shibboleth software, which is open source and used by organizations around the globe. Being able to access online services securely from all over the world is essential, and the GÉANT judges awarded Scott for going above and beyond in his field.

You can read more about the 2016 GÉANT community awards on the organization’s website.

“I’m so pleased that Scott has been recognized inside and outside Ohio State for the tremendous work he does,” says Chief Information Security Officer Helen Patton. “Not only does he support the university’s mission every day, he is also a pivotal resource for every organization across the globe that uses the Shibboleth product. He quietly and effectively does his work―and we all benefit from it.”

    • GÉANT is Europe’s leading collaboration on network and related e-infrastructure and services for the benefit of research and education, contributing to Europe’s economic growth and competitiveness. The organization develops, delivers and promotes advanced network and associated e-infrastructure services, and it supports innovation and knowledge-sharing amongst its members, partners and the wider research and education networking community. To learn more, visit or follow @GEANTnews on Twitter.
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