BuckeyePass Coming September 12

Enterprise Security is releasing BuckeyePass, a multi-factor authentication service that provides a second level of protection beyond your usual Ohio State username and password. BuckeyePass is powered by Duo Security, a leading IT security company.

Beginning September 12, all university employees, including student employees, will be required to use BuckeyePass to log in to Employee Self Service within Human Resources. 

In order to maintain access to Employee Self Service, which includes your personal data, paycheck, benefits and leave information, you must enroll at buckeyepass.osu.edu before Monday, September 12.

How do I use BuckeyePass?

Using BuckeyePass is simple. After entering your username and password as usual, you will be asked to confirm your identity through BuckeyePass. There are several ways that you can do this, so please choose the method that is most convenient for you. We encourage you to set up multiple methods.

  1. Duo Mobile on a smartphone or tablet – Installing Duo Mobile on your device will give you two means of authentication. When you try to log in to Employee Self Service, it will push an authentication request to the Duo Mobile application on your device. Once you approve the request, you will be admitted. You may also choose to generate a code directly from Duo Mobile and input it to the BuckeyePass login page.
  2. Passcodes via text message – You will receive 10 passcodes via a single text message. One passcode will be used each time you log in. You will need to request a subsequent text after all 10 passcodes are used.
  3. Callback via landline phone – Duo will generate an automated phone call that you must approve to access Employee Self Service.
  4. Hard token – Hard tokens will only be permitted for those who can demonstrate a valid business justification. The process can take 8 to 14 days to complete, so please contact the IT Service Desk immediately if you require a token.

You may visit our BuckeyePass Knowledge Base at ocio.osu.edu/KB05023 to assist you with setting up and using this new service.

If you have any questions, please contact the IT Service Desk at 614-688-4357 (HELP) or 8help@osu.edu.

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