BuckIQ: Enhanced Analytics for Scheduling

More than a year ago we kicked off the first phase of the course enrollment data warehouse implementation, using BuckIQ to make it easier and more efficient to adjust classes when student interest exceeds section capacity.

“The Student Record BuckIQ dashboards are the most user-friendly and best-performing data sources we have ever offered users to monitor course enrollments and availability,” says Senior Director for BI and Analytics Steve Fischer. “Now the dashboards are even better. We recently added more reports available to help colleges and instructors track enrollment, capacity and grade distribution.”

Now with Buck IQ you can:

  • Access a greater level of detail and review combined sections in order to get enrollment counts and availability in these sections.
  • Use seat-and-section functionality with online courses.
  • Track enrollment of students in online programs.
  • Track enrollments of College Credit Plus students in online courses.
  • Run reports that show grade distribution, with more detail available by course roster.

What you see on your dashboard is based on criteria you select via a set of dashboard prompts. You can set your preferences using drop‐down menus, making it easy to create the specific analyses you need.  You can save your preferred view so it is easier to run reports later. 

These tools are continually being improved. We recently improved data exports, which allows you to export the data as comma-separated values (CSV format) or Excel files. New functionality generates Excel or CSV files that are cleaner and more organized than in the past.

For more information about BuckIQ and features that may make your job easier, contact Senior Director for BI and Analytics Steve Fischer via email or at (614) 206-2402.

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