Security Alert: Beware of IRS Scams

Have you ever received a suspicious email from someone claiming they work for the IRS? Or an out-of-place phone call that asks you to respond to the IRS immediately? What about an unexpected text with an attached tax form? You’re not alone!

According to InfraGard, an FBI partnership that shares cybersecurity threats, seasoned criminals are making phone calls, sending emails with attachments and even engaging in text messaging with potential victims. The #badnerds in these cases may send you a phony “CP 2000,” a form typically sent out by the IRS via snail mail when the income you report on your taxes doesn’t match what your employer reports. The scammers are also likely to reference the Affordable Care Act, just to create confusion for their potential victims.

What should you do if you hear from someone claiming to be the IRS? If you receive a suspicious call or text, just hang up or don’t respond. If you receive an email sent to your university address, please forward the message to Learn how to spot phishing and other cybercrimes at the Enterprise Security website,