Monthly Security Tips: You Can Do It!

Did you know there are just a few basic steps you can take to keep your devices and information secure? All you need to remember is that you are the most powerful defense against hackers. Just know, with great power comes great responsibility.

In the October edition of OUCH!, a monthly security newsletter from the cybersecurity experts at SANS Institute, learn a few small things you can do to thwart cyber criminals trying to hack into your personal information. It can be as easy as setting unique passwords and enabling multi-factor authentication, or simply keeping your operating systems and apps up-to-date. Check out the full newsletter to learn more simple steps towards keeping yourself secure.

The Ohio State University is taking steps to keep employee data secure during a time when phishing and identity theft crimes have increased in the higher education sector. University staff are taking advantage of BuckeyePass, an added layer of security for university accounts, to ensure their payroll and health-related information stays private. Learn more at