Buckeye Link Upgrade: New Look, New Features

NewBuckeyeLink.jpgOhio State is constantly maintaining and updating its campuses to make a great first impression on incoming and potential students and their families. The impression we make online is equally important, not only because so many people visit our sites before choosing a university, but also because so many of our early interactions with new students are through our online Buckeye Link Student Center.

We recently upgraded Buckeye Link, making it easier to use and giving it a more polished look. The Student Center is a gateway to systems that students use to manage administrative aspects of their relationship with Ohio State like scheduling classes, paying tuition, checking grades and more. This information comes from a variety of different systems, but Buckeye Link ties them together and creates a cohesive “front door” to the systems students need to access.

Recent improvements include:

  • A more attractive, contemporary entryway to student systems.
  • Capacity to search multiple systems connected to Buckeye Link so the user can self-direct to the task he/she is trying to find.
  • Significant improvements to accessibility for users with disabilities.
  • Ability for students to choose “favorite” icons to make it easier to find the areas of the site they use most often.
  • Coming Soon: Capability to send personalized messages to students when they log in.

If you have questions or comments about Buckeye Link, contact Business Analyst Alex Rich via email or by phone at 614-292-7589.


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