Ohio State App Gets UI Makeover

campus.pngThe app you know and love is getting even better! Available now for iOS (with Android soon to follow), the latest update to the Ohio State App includes several major improvements.

“The latest version of the app is filled with so many new and amazing features, but I have to say I'm most excited about the layout,” said Shamina Merchant, a second year business major and member of Undergraduate Student Government (USG). She added, “It's very user-friendly, customizable, and it highlights a lot of features that were more hidden before.”

The Ohio State app user interface went through a major overhaul, thanks to regular feedback from USG. The app looks and feels more like a native iOS app, making it even easier to navigate. Users will notice a simpler design, app-wide search capabilities, familiar university branding and higher color contrast for easier viewing.

The most popular features remain prominent across the bottom of the app screen, with the first item featuring Campus-related information suitable for students, faculty, staff and visitors. If you aren’t concerned with nearby buildings or parking garages, you won’t have to see them every time you open the app. The latest version of the Ohio State app remembers where you left off (say, looking at your class schedule in the My OSU section), so the next time you open the app, you will be taken back to that section.

class schedule.png

Speaking of your class schedule, the latest app version supports a weekly calendar view! You can quickly see where you need to be and when, and you can share your calendar with classmates with just a few quick taps.

Accessibility enhancements were also made to the Ohio State app that allow a screen reader to interpret pages in a more intuitive and useful way.

Shamina said, “I would absolutely recommend that other students use the Ohio State app. This latest version brings out both the features that students use most as well as additional features they may not have known existed in the app before.”

Be sure to update your iOS app today to experience these improvements! And Android folks, stay tuned!


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