Monthly Security Tips: Don’t WannaCry No More

Last month, the WannaCry ransomware epidemic spread globally, affecting thousands of victims worldwide by infecting their computers with ransomware. Hackers essentially took computer files hostage until victims paid to have those files unlocked. This month, SANS provides lessons learned from this massive malware attack.

The June edition of OUCH! explains why WannaCry got so much attention, and why it made us all WannaUpdate and WannaBackup. The WannaCry ransomware affected computers running out-of-date versions of Windows, and simple patches could have prevented it.

WannaCry showed us how important it is to comply when our IT departments ask us to update and when our smartphones prompt us to install the latest software version. It’s also wise to spend a little money now to back up your important files, rather than forking over ransom money if your computer becomes infected.

Enterprise Security at Ohio State shared patching information as well as other resources to protect university students, staff and faculty from this ransomware outbreak. Learn more about ransomware at and find out how to avoid attacks like WannaCry in the future.


BernardaSv / iStock / Getty Images Plus