Monthly Security Tips: Don’t Bank on that Windfall from the Nigerian Prince

Have you ever received a “tech support” call from Microsoft that just didn’t seem on the level? Do you regularly receive emails that may as well have SCAM in the subject line?  If you are comfortable with technology and use it frequently, you probably know what to look for and how to protect against most cyber-schemes. However, you probably have friends and family that are not comfortable and who may miss tell-tale signs that seem obvious to you.

The October 2017 issue of OUCH!, a monthly security newsletter from the cybersecurity experts at SANS Institute, gives a few tips on how you can help keep your less-than-tech-savvy friends a bit safer. This month’s newsletter suggests educating friends and family members about cybersecurity basics: ignoring and deleting emails that are urgent or too good to be true, never clicking on links in unexpected or suspicious emails, creating strong passwords or passphrases, installing updates and security patches regularly, using antivirus tools (and keeping them updated) and creating regular back-ups of your files to safeguard yourself if your device is compromised.