BuckeyePass Will Protect eTimesheet and eLeave

Because stolen, compromised or damaged information can lead to unwanted and unnecessary consequences for both staff members and the university, Ohio State is increasingly expanding the use of multifactor authentication. eTimesheet and eLeave will be the latest systems to adopt BuckeyePass protection on Sept. 30.

Having more than one step for logging in to your accounts significantly increases the level of protection that prevents unauthorized individuals from accessing your information.

How do I use BuckeyePass?

  • If you need to enroll in BuckeyePass, visit https://buckeyepass.osu.edu/ to enroll.
  • You can use BuckeyePass in a number of ways. Even if you don’t have a smartphone, you can make BuckeyePass work for you. You can request BuckeyePass prompts through cell phones, landline phones, tablets or using a key-fob authentication device.
  • We sometimes refer to BuckeyePass as “Duo,” which is the name of the app that must be installed on you smartphone or other mobile device that you choose for authentication.
  • We recommend that you register at least TWO devices/methods in case you lose or forget a device and need to log in.
  • Starting Sept. 30, when you log in to eTimesheet or eLeave, the system will direct you to authenticate with BuckeyePass.
  • After you’ve entered your Ohio State credentials, BuckeyePass will send you a 6-digit second factor of authentication code by whichever method you chose during your BuckeyePass enrollment.
  • After you enter the second factor, the system will securely log you in to eTimesheet or eLeave.

If you have further questions or need assistance, please contact the IT Service Desk at 614-688-4357 (HELP) or by signing in online at go.osu.edu/it. Visit buckeyepass.osu.edu for more information.


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