OCIO Leadership Meeting on September 10, 2018

Important Points from Discussion

Recent Service Issues

  • Due to recent service outages and incidents in the past few weeks, the team discussed how we can use data to move from reactive to proactive mode.

  • We discussed several questions that we need to understand to be more proactive:
    • How do we understand things are running smoothly?
    • What data do we need to predict that things are not running smoothly?
    • How do we tune out “noise” in our data?
    • Priority levels may differ by campus, building, department, etc… How do we handle these situations?
    • How much information should be shared on the System Status page?
    • What’s our baseline for incidents for each service? How can we analyze data over recent years to determine things are running smoothly? Are incidents caused by the same problems each time?
  • Tracey Richardson will be leading an IT Service Management refresher to review how we define priority, problem, incident, etc.

Next Week’s Agenda

Notes: Glenna Zofcin

  1. Continue the ITSM discussion
  2. Operational updates
    1. FY19 Goals
      1. Enterprise Project
      2. WiFi Project
      3. AWS Rollout
      4. MITS
      5. FY18 Continued (Digital Flagship, IT Strategy, Office 265, Skype, etc)
    2. Values
      1. Respect
      2. Innovation
      3. Partnership
      4. Trust

Meeting invitees in attendance:​

  • Dagefoerde, Diane
  • Corbin, Bob
  • Davis Kristi
  • Giacobbi, Joddi (for Data Warehouse)
  • Haskins, Jason (for Relationship Management)
  • Palko, Laura
  • Romig, Steve (for Security)
  • Varcho, Beth
  • Zofcin, Glenna

Questions about the OCIO Leadership Meetings can be directed to cio@osu.edu