OCIO Leadership Meeting on May 13, 2019

Important Points from Discussion

FY19 OCIO Portfolio Review

The Deputy CIO leadership team should continue to review the FY19 portfolio and include any updated data, key initiatives, delivery dates, team organizational charts and information. Please upload your new file to the OCIO Leadership shared BuckeyeBox folder and send a confirmation email to weimar.2@osu.edu and dagefoerde.2@osu.edu by Friday, May 31.


FY20 Key Initiatives Planning

The Deputy CIO leadership team will continue discussions regarding key initiatives for FY20 at an upcoming OCIO Leadership meeting. Please be prepared to discuss ongoing operations, services and initiatives for FY20, specifically those that were not included in the FY19 portfolio.


Triumphs and Trials

Please send any relevant Triumphs and Trials information to Kristen Weimar at weimar.2@osu.edu and Tracey Richardson at richardson.408@osu.edu.


Next Meeting’s Agenda

  1. Operational Updates


Meeting invitees in attendance:

  • Clark, Gary (for Security)
  • Corbin, Bob
  • Dagefoerde, Diane
  • Davis, Kristi
  • Hayden, Shina
  • Mains, Bob
  • Morgan, Lonnie
  • Phillips, Bill
  • Richardson, Tracey
  • Varcho, Beth
  • Weimar, Kristen


Questions about the OCIO Leadership Meetings can be directed to cio@osu.edu