eLeave Timing Change for Monthly Employees

Effective December 15, the eLeave file for monthly employees will load to the HR/SIS at 10:55 a.m. the day before the monthly (MO) College Deadline day, instead of its usual time of 4 p.m.   Time Administration (a nightly process that processes time and leave entered so Approvers can approve it) will run at noon on the day that the leave file is loaded (the day before MO College Deadline day), and also at noon on MO College Deadline day.  An updated eTimesheet/eLeave payroll processing calendar that reflects the monthly leave file change is available.

The daytime run of Time Administration will be abridged to only process leave entered or approved for monthly employees in the HR system.  Time Administration will continue to run nightly as well. The additional daytime processing during Monthly Payroll Processing weeks will give departments more time to resolve exceptions and approve leave for monthly staff.

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