HR and Student Maintenance July 2 – July 3

Maintenance on the HR and Student systems is planned prior to the Fourth of July holiday. Downtime will begin at 3 p.m. EST on Saturday, July 2 with services resuming at 11 a.m. EST on Sunday, July 3. Any issues that occur during the maintenance that affect downtime will be share with the university community via the OCIO System Status page.

The updates made to the HR and Student systems will have functional affects as well.

  • Favorites and Recently Used list will be lost. If you use system Favorites, you will need to save them again. User Defaults will not be affected.
    See July HR and Student Maintenance – Save Your Favorites.
  • System URLs will change. If you have saved browser favorites or bookmarks locally, go to the centrally maintained links to update them. HR users, go to Student users, go to Buckeye Link.
  • Navigation changes. Navigation paths to systems pages will not be affected. The changes are more general including,
    • Removal of navigation tabs at the top of pages. HR will have only the My Work and My Page (for Employee Self Service) tabs. Student will have no navigation tabs.
      Links will be imbedded in the home page to replace the functionality of the removed navigation tabs.
    • Separation of the HR and Student menus. The Menu in the Student system will not include HR entries and vice versa. In addition, the component/page search will not search both systems. If you are in HR, only HR components and pages will be searched and vice versa.
  • Browser support. The supported browsers will not change with this update.
    Internet Explorer users, please note that only IE11 is currently supported. If you are not using IE11, upgrade before the planned maintenance or consider using a different supported browser. Review the technical support information or consult with your local desktop support or the IT Service Desk (614-688-HELP (4357) or to avoid browser compatibility issues.
  • Effects on Financial applications and both Finance and HR reporting resources. Updates to HR data in financials applications will be delayed. Many reports that use our reporting databases (e.g. HRRPT, FNRPT and eReports/Data Warehouse) will not reflect any personnel changes until Friday, July 8. See Finance Applications Affected by HR System Maintenance blog post for details.
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