Hardware, Software and Mobile Recommendations

Contributed by Lisa Carlton Atkins (Adobe), edited by Valerie Rake

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General Description and Equipment Recommendations

Adobe Connect is a browser-based internet tool that allows people to participate in a course or meeting without having to travel to a specific location.

For the best experience using Connect, all participants should use a desktop or laptop computer with a wired internet connection and a headset or earbuds.  If the participant expects to speak during the session, a combined headset / mic is recommended. 

A wireless connection may not be strong enough or stable enough to provide an ideal experience.  Relying on the speakers and mic built into a computer can result in poor sound quality for all participants in the Connect meeting.

Users can download apps that will allow them to participate in Connect sessions from most mobile devices (iPads and other tablets as well as smartphones).  Some Connect features may not work on these devices.

See below for more information about these recommendations.


Recommended Operating Systems and Browsers

Users can use any operating system (Windows or Mac), along with a recent release of any major browser. Official system requirements from Adobe can be found at http://www.adobe.com/products/adobeconnect/tech-specs.html.

Adobe Connect requires the Adobe Connect Add-in enable all functions. When prompted, meeting participants should allow the Add-in to load and/or install. Installation takes less than a minute on most machines. People using JAWS should follow the recommendations about using Connect with a screen reader to decide whether to enter the meeting without the Connect Add-in.


Recommended audio equipment

In order to reduce echo in the Connect room, block outside noise, and avoid disturbing others, we strongly recommend that all participants use a set of headphones or earbuds. headset mic

If participants will be speaking during the meeting, they should have a USB mic. A combined headphone / mic is ideal.  Having the mic close to the speaker's mouth (but not too close) will ensure that the participant's voice is clearly picked up while background noise is minimized.

Any good quality headset will work.  Common brands include Plantronics, Logitech, Microsoft, and Dynex. 


Using Connect on tablets / smartphones / iOS mobile devices

A full description of what can and cannot be done when using a mobile device can be found in Adobe''s official blog post here: http://blogs.adobe.com/adobeconnect/2011/11/adobeconnect-mobile-ios.html.

In summary, participants using mobile devices:

  • can't share your screen (host or presenter)
  • can't share content from your device or the content library. You're limited to the 'recently shared' documents list. (host or presenter)
  • can't switch between layouts (host)
  • can't bring additional pods onto the screen (host)
  • can't view Flash/SWF content, including custom pods/apps
  • can't play back MP4 video files, though FLV works fine
  • can't make use of emoticons/status indicators
  • can only view one webcam at a time (versus a tiled view on desktop)
  • can't see room branding (e.g. room wallpaper doesn't show)