Release 1 - Foundation

Release 1, Foundation, will focus on the following key components:

Creation of an Identity Vault

The identity vault is single repository for identities and identity information. The vault ensures data integrity and reduces the creation of duplicate accounts in university systems by pulling information from a defined, authoritative source.

Data Quarantine: In order to prevent duplicate identities from being created in the vault, IdM systems perform a series of searches to identify whether the new identity is already affiliated with the university. Identities that appear to be possible duplicates of existing identities are rejected and held in quarantine until the data can be corrected or the duplicate can be confirmed.

In the example below, a new identity is being created at the university and assigned an Ohio State Username (lastname.#). If the identity already exists, it will not be assigned a new lastname.#.

data quarantine process


Connectors enable bi-directional interactions between IdM and other connected systems in order to allow for data exchange and other features, such as password synchronization. In Release 1, Foundation, the IdM system is connecting to the university's main authoritative source for identity information (PeopleSoft HR/SIS); the university's authentication services; and systems that provide key university services, such as Carmen, University E-mail, and Buckeye Mail.

These connectors also enable near real-time updates and changes to identity and access information. This will greatly reduce the time to create Ohio State Username accounts and access to resources.

release 1 connected systems

User Tools

IdM is creating a new self-service tool,, which will replace the existing account management site. Functionality of this tool includes 24x7 access to:

  • Activate a new identity
  • Recover a forgotten Ohio State Username (lastname.#)
  • Change a password and reset a forgotten password
  • Set e-mail forwarding
  • View current password synchronization status
  • Set and change answers to security questions (for aid in changing password)
  • Activate Lifetime E-mail Forwarding (LEFs)

Sponsored Guest Administrators will also use the new tool for creating and managing sponsored guest accounts. Student applicants will use the new site as well.

Questions or Comments

If you have questions or comments regarding the Identity and Access Management Program, use our contact form and one of our program team members will respond to your inquiry.