OSU Wireless-Cellular Call Detail

OSU Wireless-Cellular provides each customer's call detail through a special online tool. This online tool lets OSU faculty and staff view their cellular calls and mark each call as either Personal or Business in order to meet university requirements.

  • Visit the OSU Wireless-Cellular Call Detail site.
    • Enter your 10-digit OSU Wireless-Cellular phone number and your email address (See your billing coordinator if this address needs to be updated.)
    • Select the month and year of detail that you want to view and mark
    • Select whether you want to view the detail online or receive it in an email
    • Please note that call detail for billing months prior to April 2009 is not available
  • Detailed instructions are also available

If you are a university telephone or billing coordinator and you would like to view call detail for your departmental cellular phones, please visit our Administrative Web Interface.