Call Detail Instructions

(Updated April 2010)

You can view and mark your call detail to indicate personal usage at the OSU Wireless-Cellular Call Detail site.


To begin, go to the Call Detail Tool and following the steps below.

1) Enter your OSU Wireless-Cellular phone number and the associated email address (usually the address of the person who uses the phone).

Enter your OSU-Wireless Cellular number and the associated OSU email address

2) Select the month and year of the detail that you want to view (note that this is the billing month and cellular detail can be billed two or more months in arrears, depending on your cellular carrier and whether you were roaming at the time.)

Select the Month and Year of the detail you want to view

3) Select a Report Method. This will allow you to view your call detail on-line immediately, or to receive it as an HTML attachment to an email.

Select the Report Method

4) Click Submit.

5) Your call detail will be displayed as a web page whether you choose to view it online or receive it as an email attachment.

An example of the column headers and the call detail displayed beneath

The first column in your call detail is Station and displays your OSU Wireless-Cellular number. Following that are the Date and Time of the call, the number dialed or the calling number, the City and State, the duration of the call in Minutes, cost columns, a Call Type column, and a final City column. The final two columns are Usage Type and Call Description.

Usage Type is used to indicate whether this call was for Business or Personal purposes.

Business or Personal indicator

Call Description is used as a free-form field where you can enter a description of the call to remind yourself who you called.

Call Description field

Lastly, you can click the Print button to print your complete call detail or Print Summary to view a summary displaying how many minutes you used that were marked Personal.

Print a summary of your marked call detail