Technical Support Information


This site contains information pertaining to the University Enterprise Systems listed below:

  • PeopleSoft applications: Financials 8.x (includes General Ledger, Asset Management, Procurement, Grants) and Human Resources 8.x.
  • ASSIST pages: Online help tool for the PeopleSoft Financial and Human Resources Systems.
  • eReports: University reporting repository.

Standards for minimum and recommended computer configurations can be found in the IT Knowledge Base.

Web Browsers

Below are the browsers and operating systems supported by Oracle for use with the Peoplesoft-based Administrative Systems and eReports. Contact your IT Support person or 8-HELP if you are unsure if your workstation meets the requirements. This information is subject to change.

  • Key:
    • P = PeopleSoft compatible
    • E = eReport compatible
    • e* = Known incompatibility with eReports

  • Note to users of the 64 bit versions of Windows 7 and Vista:
    • Windows 7 and Vista come in 32 and 64 bit versions.  The 64 bit windows systems install a 32 bit and a 64 bit Internet Explorer with the default Internet Explorer on the Start button being the 32 bit version. 
    • The plugin for the current version of eReports (v 9.3.1) will only work with the 32 bit Internet Explorer. If you are using the 64 bit Internet Explorer, you will be prompted to install the plugin every time you run a program that requires it.  For more detailed information refer to the setup instruction for DNAs (Windows 7 Workstations) for more detailed information.

  • Note to Macintosh users:
    • For eReports access, Mac users must connect to Citrix and use Internet Explorer.
    • Per the table below, SIS (and DARS) may be accessed using the following browsers on OS X: Netscape 7.2, Firefox 1.5, Firefox 2.0, Firefox 3.0, Firefox 3.5, Firefox 3.6, Mozilla 1.7, Safari 2, Safari 3, Safari 4, and Safari 5.

Compatible Browsers for OSU Administrative Systems

Last updated 7/29/2013

IE8 P/E      




Firefox 3.5 P/E  P  
Firefox 3.6  P  P  
Firefox 4.0 e*      
Firefox 7


Mozilla 1.7   P P P
Safari 3       P
Safari 4       P
Safari 5       P

*e = Known incompatibility with eReports.

** Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) has not been certified by Oracle as compatible with either the Financials system or the HR/SIS and their associated applications including the Student Center and Faculty Center. Although it is best for users of these systems to not upgrade to IE10, switching to Compatibility View may resolve any display issues encountered. See the Compatibility View article in the IT Knowledge Base.

General Information (eReports users read the next section)

  • Popup Blocker configuration information for PeopleSoft applications and eReports systems:

    Windows contains a native popup blocker. After this update is installed on your computer, you must configure Internet Options to allow popup windows coming from the PeopleSoft applications and eReports system domain ( Detailed instructions for configuring Internet Explorer pop-up blocker settings.

    If you have the Goggle popup blocker installed on your computer, you will need to turn it off. The symptom is the Google popup window blocked icon icon appears when you try to print a popup report (Deposit, Journal Entry) from a PeopleSoft application. Detailed instructions for disabling Google popup blocker.

  • Macintosh users only: You must use the Citrix client to access PeopleSoft and eReports applications. Information on configuring the Citrix client is available for Mac OS X (v10.x) users.

    Configuring Citrix ICA for Mac OS X.

 eReports Information

Firewall configuration information:

  • eReports Web Servers require users have inbound and outbound access to https 443.

eReports technical support information: