Deposit GL Experience

Updated April 8, 2015

Workshop Description:

To supplement the GL 3 Deposits online course in Carmen, it is strongly recommended that participants attend the monthly Deposit GL Experience for hands-on learning. These three-hour sessions allow participants to create Deposit Journal and OBA entries within the training environment. New users will be able to:

  • View the Financials system pages
  • Complete entry fields
  • Use the look up feature
  • Identify the fields with default values
  • Become familiar with the navigational features
  • Practice, practice, practice


Completion of the online Deposit Course in Carmen, "GL 3 Deposits".

The new online GL 3 Deposits course introduces the basic concepts of processing Deposit journal entries in the Financials system. Checks and currency may be received by your department for product or services sales, reimbursements, refunds or any number of different situations. Your first step is to identify the type of check or currency and determine the correct type of journal entry and deposit method to use.

Training is required for anyone who is new to the role of entering Deposit Journals or Other Bank Activity (OBA) journals. After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Define the responsibilities of Financials System users when making deposits
  • Explain the difference between Deposit and Other Bank Activity (OBA) journals
  • Describe when each deposit method is used in a given instance
  • Explain the steps in the process for making Deposit journal entries
  • Identify the information required to process a Deposit and/or OBA entry
  • Enter deposit and/or OBA information correctly in the Header and Lines of a journal entry

In addition to the Financial Training Core Courses, the chart below shows the Carmen courses and online forms that are required for each role. Individuals who are new to these roles must complete the applicable training courses prior to submitting a Financials System Access Request Form and receiving access to the Financials system.


Deposit Initiator

GL 1 Accounting Basics Required
GL 2A Journal Entry Initiator Recommended

GL 3 Deposits


GL 5 Inquiry and Timesavers Recommended
GL 6 eReports Recommended
GL 7A Fund Accounting Recommended
Deposit GL Experience Recommended
Initiator GL Experience


Debits and Credits


Using General Ledger Reports Recommended
Financials System Access Request Form Required

Additional Information:

Workshop Length:

3 hour monitored workshop in a computer lab for hands-on practice.


All staff employees including OSUMC, UNIV, and OSURF (OSP) who will be making deposit entries to the financials GL.