HR Training

Updated 11/29/16

Below is a listing of required and recommended training courses by HR system role.

A matrix of the training required for each role is available online.  All courses will be listed in Carmen as they become available. Self-enrollment is required and a self-enrollment job aid is available. Online HR 9.2 training courses are listed below in the order in which they should be taken.

  • HR 1.0 Intro to HR
  • HR 2.0 Hire
  • HR 3.0 Funding Employees
  • HR 4.0 Job Data
  • HR 5.0 Service Dates
  • HR 6.0 Leaves of Absence
  • HR 7.0 Positions
  • HR 8.0 Creating Job Openings
  • HR 9.0 Timekeeping
  • HR 10.0 Release Time
  • HR 11.0 Direct Retro Distributions
  • HR 13.0 Additional Pay

Have questions about security, training, or generally about the reimplementation? Send your questions to the IT Service Desk.