Invoice and PREP Training

Updated November 29, 2016

Below is a chart that provides a list of required and recommended training courses by Financials system role. The recommended sequence of training is indicated by the order of the listed courses and workshops.

To read Class Descriptions, click on the name of the course or the Carmen button.

For guidance on registering for a Carmen course, see Carmen Courses Self-Registration Job Aid.

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Job Responsibility/ Financials System Role Description Required Training

(in addition to prerequisites)

Recommended Training

AP_Invoice Approver

Review and approve vouchers.


Purch1 Policy Overview

Purch4 Inquiry

Purch5 Approver

The Procurement & Payment Process
AP_PREP_Full Create new PREP transactions, update PREP transactions that have not been built into a voucher. (Must have access to the org specified in the first line of the transaction.)



The Procurement & Payment Process