The Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) provides networking services to students, faculty, staff, and guests of The Ohio State University. These services are maintained by Telecommunications and Networking, a division within OCIO Infrastructure.

The university network is comprised of a robust wired backbone functioning as the core for network services on campus. Leveraging the OSUnet infrastructure, OCIO distributes network connectivity to college and departmental units. With this connectivity, colleges and departmental network administrators (DNA) have the resources to build and support network services for their individual business units.

Additional centralized services include the campus-wide wireless network, Virtual Private Networking (VPN), Domain Name System (DNS), and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). More information regarding the services provided is available in the OCIO Service Catalog.

Network Maintenance Window

As with all services, the university network requires periodic maintenance. The Office of the Chief Information Officer has standardized on a network maintenance schedule to perform any normal maintenance that could cause service interuptions. If maintenance is needed, OCIO will perform the work on Sunday mornings between 12:01AM and 3:00AM. All normal and emergency maintenance will be communicated to departmental network administrators (DNA), distributed consultants (Distcons), and will posted on the OCIO System Status page.