Domain Name Standards for Ohio State's Campus Network

As a service to the university, the Office of the Chief Information Officer provides Domain Name Service (DNS) hosting. All groups that use Ohio State University Internet Protocol (IP) space must register their devices attached to the network. All domain requests should be sent to

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use or request an alias/cname/url in the domain?

The name space has been opened up to departments on campus, on a case-by-case basis. Due to the limited use of the domain, guidelines for how it can be used:

  1. To provide everyone with an equal opportunity to request names and to provide a central reviewing body, the Web Policy Committee has been tasked with the review and approval of all names used in the name space. All requests need to be submitted by using the online form.
  2. The domain is intended for short (third level) URLs to be used for web sites. However to keep a "clean" and standard length of names all names are limited to To aid users a will be added along with the entry. This will direct the user to the site itself.
  3. Any requested names are maintained as an alias (CNAME record) to a server located in the department's DNS domain. 

May a department receive a new domain?

With the intention to promote domain, we no longer approve requests to add new zones for the departments. We can add new zone on a per department basis. Requests must be submitted by the unit chair/dean/director/ or Department network administrator (DNA). Departments who wish to migrate from their existing zone to zone can submit a request online. For more details please contact

What other domains will Ohio State host?

For joint projects with external organizations and or universities that do not fit within the standard and domains, the Web Policy Committee will review and if approved, provide hosting services for other domains outside of the and domains. These domains may reside in any of the non-commercial Top Level Domains (TLDs) except for .com. (.com domains are intended to be used by commercial organizations, according to RFC1591.) Since Ohio State is a non-profit, state funded institution .com names do not represent the mission of the university and are not allowed on the network.

Any group that requests a domain must show how the traditional and domain does not work for their situation, i.e. a joint project that wants to provide equal exposure to all parties involved. The requesting group also must show how the project supports the mission of the university.

For a domain to be approved, using one of the TLDs, the parties involved must include the following:

A letter on departmental letterhead signed by the parental unit chair/dean/director addressing the following:

  1. A description of the purpose/function/nature of the organization that includes the participants involved (including physical locations for both the on and off campus parts of the organization) and the role the university plays in the organization.
    • If the university already provides hosting for other domains for the people involved, how the new request is different.
  2. That it is not a private, business or some other commercial venture.
  3. Agreeing to a periodic review and renewal process of approved domains to insure that the content matches the original signed agreement and that no commercial activity is taking place.
  4. Stating that they understand it is the organization's responsibility to incur any additional costs in the registration process, including but not limited to transferring or renewing the domain name with the appropriate domain registrar.

If the organization wants the zone hosted on university DNS services a second technical letter from the Department Network Administrator is also needed that addresses the following:

  1. Who the billing contact is in the organization.
  2. Agreeing to coordinate the creation of the domain with Ohio State, at Network Solutions, with the following conditions:
    • Ohio State will maintain the domains' primary and secondary name servers.
    • The "Registrant", "Administrative" and "Billing" contacts will be listed as someone in the organization.
    • The "Technical" contact information will be the registered NIC handle for the University, ZE146-ORG.
  3. Providing the IP /s that will be used with the new domain.
  4. Agreeing that Ohio State will only support published domain names, and will not provide DNS for other domains that are variations of the published name. IE: Publishing and asking for to point the same place.

Both of these documents should be scanned and sent to and

Can areas on campus host their own domains?

Since Ohio State is responsible for the operation of the campus backbone, all and domains are required to reside on the Ohio State name servers.

If a domain is discovered on the University network does not meet the requirements set forth by Ohio State, it will be removed from university IP space.

This also includes, previously approved domains that did not continue the stated purpose/function/or nature of the domain.

How is Windows Active Directory being used on campus?

Ohio State currently supports the records required by Microsoft active directory. For more details contact