Meridian Single Line Phone with Caller ID #9316

Meridian 9316

Phone & Line Monthly Fee: $16.15

Caller ID Feature Monthly Fee: $4.00

This single line phone has a sleek design and offers many built-in features, including a speakerphone and a caller ID capable display. (The caller ID display will not work without the caller ID feature.) The monthly cost of the phone includes the lease of the line and phone equipment, touchtone service, distinctive ringing, and the built-in features listed below.


  • Built-in caller ID display (requires Caller ID feature to work)
  • Callers list that stores the last 50 incoming numbers
  • Personal directory that stores 50 names and numbers
  • Eight programmable, one-touch keys for storing numbers and features
  • Handsfree speakerphone with mute button
  • Redial button that stores the last five numbers dialed
  • Message waiting light and hold button

Click here for the user manual for this phone.

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*NOTE: A Direct Inward Dial (DID) telephone number and the Call Transfer/ 3-Way Conference (3WC) feature are automatically installed when ordering this phone. A DID number costs $1.25 per month and the 3WC feature costs $0.50 per month. One-time order fees apply when ordering this phone. All prices are subject to change.