Local Phone Service - South Campus Gateway

The Office of the Chief Information Officer is the provider for telephone and cable TV services for residents living in South Campus Gateway (SCG) Apartments. Most of these services are standard and provided to you as part of your housing contract with Ohio State's Office of Student Life. Several optional telephone services are also available to you as outlined below.


 Telephone Service

Telephone service is provided as a standard service in your SCG apartment as part of your Student Life housing contract. Telephone service includes free and unlimited campus, local, and domestic long distance calling, and 9-1-1 access. The telephone jacks in your living room, kitchen, and bedrooms are already active with the same telephone number upon moving in. To acquire your telephone number, call 2-7777 from your apartment telephone. You will need to provide your own telephone equipment.

The following standard features are also included as part of your telephone service and do not need to be ordered: call waiting, three-way calling, caller ID, last number redial, and call forwarding universal. International long distance calling and several optional telephone services can be ordered from our office for additional fees.

 Telephone Equipment Needed

You need to provide your own touch-tone telephone equipment. Our office provides you with touch-tone dialing service. To use the caller ID feature, a telephone with a caller ID display is required. If you have questions about which type of telephone equipment will work best, contact our IT Service Desk at 614-688-4357 for assistance.

NOTE: Cordless telephones will work in most locations if they are programmed correctly. Refer to your equipment's manual to properly program your phone.

 Standard Telephone Features and Instructions

Call Forward Universal, Call Waiting, Caller ID, Last Number Redial, and Three-way Calling features are included with your local telephone service as part of your SCG Apartment contract.

 Call Waiting

This standard feature allows you to answer a second incoming call while temporarily placing the first call on hold. While talking with the first caller, you will hear a beep tone in your ear. Simply press your telephone switch-hook. This will place your first caller on hold and connect you to your second incoming caller. Press your switch hook again to be reconnected with your first caller.

 Three-Way Calling

This feature lets you talk with up to two other parties at the same time. While on an existing call, quickly press your telephone's switchhook. You will then hear three beeps followed by dial tone. Then, dial the phone number of the second party. When the third party answers, press your telephone's switchhook to connect all three parties. If you hear a busy signal or fail to connect, press the switchhook twice to return to your original call.

 Caller ID

This standard feature displays the telephone number of the person calling you before answering the call. Caller ID offers number only identification for local calls and requires either a special Caller ID telephone or box to display the incoming caller's number. When placing a call from your campus phone, Caller ID also delivers out-bound, call identification of your campus telephone number (number only) to each number you dial.

 Last Number Redial

You can redial the last number you called from your telephone by simply dialing ##. Last Number Redial cannot be used for redialing a long distance number if an authorization code was used.

 Call Forward Universal

Call Forward Universal allows you to program and route all calls to another telephone number or a voice mailbox. Calls are routed before the telephone rings. When activated, Call Forward Universal takes precedence and overrides any other call-forwarding feature you may have such as Call Forward-Don't Answer. To activate, press *71, wait for the dial tone, and then dial the number where you want calls to forward. (Refer to your dialing instructions for how to dial the number) To deactivate, press *70.