Optional Telephone Services for South Campus Gateway Apartments

The following optional telephone services can be ordered by South Campus Gateway (SCG) residents for additional monthly fees:

 Voice Mail Package

The Voice Mail Package for residents in SCG apartments includes a personal voice mailbox and the Call Forward Do Not Answer and Message Waiting features. Voice Mail answers your incoming telephone calls when you are not able to. When your telephone is not answered, callers are forwarded on the 4th or 5th ring to your own personal voice mailbox. Upon reaching your voice mailbox, callers will hear your personal greeting and be able to leave you messages. Stutter dial tone is your Message Waiting indicator that notifies you when you have a new message in your mailbox. You can access your voice mailbox from any touchtone telephone, at any time. Click here for instructions on setting up and using Voice Mail.

Cost $5.50 month per month

 Additional Phone Line

You can add an additional telephone line with a different telephone number. There is a one-time installation cost of $34.00.

Cost: $16.15 per month, per line

 Intercept Announcement

This service alerts a caller of your telephone number change and provides the new telephone number for up to three months. There is not an installation charge.

Cost: $4.00 per month

 Ordering Optional Services

Optional telephone services can be ordered online or by calling our IT Service Desk at 614-688-4357 during business hours. For certain services, please allow 3-5 business days for installation.

Disconnects, Moves or Changes

You are required to notify us via our online system or by calling 614-688-4357 during business hours when you need to move, change or disconnect any of your optional telephone services. Please notify us several days in advance of your requested change or disconnect date so that we may meet your due date. You are responsible for all charges on your account until your disconnect request is completed.

 Troubleshooting Tips and Repairs

If you need assistance with one of your telephone services, try our Troubleshooting Tips. Service repairs can be requested online, or by calling us at 614-688-4357 during office hours. You will also need to complete a "Permission to Enter Form." This form notifies your apartment manager that you requested a repair and it gives our technician permission to access your apartment (if needed) to complete the repair. You can complete the Permission Form online or by going to the SCG housing manager's office.

 Billing and Payments for Optional Services

You will receive a detailed bill each month from us for any optional services you order. You can manage your account through us and pay your bill online, over the phone, by mail or in person. Payment of your monthly bill is due in full upon receipt. We accept a variety of payment options including BuckID.

*NOTE: Our office cannot accept cash nor coupons or vouchers from other companies or long distance carriers.

Account Credit Limit

When you order OCIO optional services, you will also establish an account with us. Your account will automatically have a $100 credit limit. If your account exceeds $100 at any time or if your account becomes past due, your optional telephone services will become inactive. To reactive your service(s), simply make a payment that brings your total balance below the credit limit and covers any past due charges owed.