Documentation & Training Materials

All of the Microsoft products come with rather extensive electronic documentation.

Operating systems:
From within Windows systems, you can select Help from the Start menu. You can view a tutorial on various Microsoft software by linking to .

Microsoft Office:
The first time you launch any of the Office products an Office Assistant will open in the lower right corner of the screen. You can click on this icon any time and type in a phrase or question. You also will see a Help menu at the top of the screen. You can get help on a large variety of topics for Office by linking your web browser to Office Assistance Center. This site is maintained by Microsoft and contains Help topics on each of the components of Office, downloads, and many other resources. You can also see a number of tutorials on Office by linking to

Development tools:
Due to the complex nature of the different development tools there is very extensive electronic documentation available on the CD media.

Training tools:
A site called "Microsoft Online Learning" at provides more information about Microsoft products. You can also access Microsoft online E-Learning courses. Go to Self Service and select "MS E-Learning Access Procedures".