Get the Software

Media for the software covered under the Microsoft Campus Agreement must be purchased at UniPrint, Tuttle Park Place, 2055 Millikin Way, for faculty, staff, and students. This also includes software products available on the Personal Use Program.

Campus Agreement Update Media

After you have obtained the Campus Agreement software, update media will be released from time to time. You need only obtain the update media for products of interest if your department does not already have the media. As software upgrades become available, they may be purchased for a media duplication fee, usually of $5.99 per CD or $7.99 per DVD. Faculty and staff can purchase the media at UniPrint at Tuttle Park Place, 2055 Millikin Way with a 100-W or Procurement card.

Personal Use Program

Faculty, staff and students purchasing software on the Personal Use Program purchase this software at UniPrint, as with the Campus Agreement media. See the "Products" tab on these pages for a listing of software included in this program.

If you are a student you must show your BuckID. If you are faculty or staff you must show evidence of current affiliation with OSU, with a BuckID or OSU departmental badge with your ID on it.

Note that Personal Use Program media does limit the user to at most two installations on one computer.

Cash, check, credit card, and BuckID are accepted. All users (faculty, staff and student) will sign a license agreement when purchasing software on the Personal Use Program. Your purchase of a software product includes the license and the media. For questions about distribution and pricing on the Personal Use Program, contact UniPrint at 614-292-2000 or e-mail

Other Updates

In addition, other sites provide updates for Microsoft products over the Internet. These usually will be minor product updates, Service Packs, Option Packs, and other free software additions that are publicly available. The major updates will continue to be available through the UniPrint distribution model.