License Benefits

The agreement allows for the most economical access to key Microsoft products on campus for use on OSU-owned equipment. The agreement also provides for the Personal Use Program for faculty, staff and students to purchase personal copies of selected products. The following are benefits of the Microsoft agreement:

  • The Campus Agreement provides access to Windows Operating System Upgrades, Office, and CORE CAL and Enterprise CAL (a license to allow legal authenticated access to Windows, Sharepoint Portal, SMS and Exchange servers) for faculty and staff on OSU-owned equipment. This software suite is referred to as the Campus Agreement software. The Macintosh platform is included in the Campus Agreement software as available.
  • Provides an opportunity to work with software that might otherwise be unaffordable.
  • Allows access to the latest versions for the software products covered in the Campus Agreement.
  • Pricing is known for the five years of the agreement, as the price per unit is contracted per year. OSU's budget need for this is predictable from year to year.
  • Home use is allowed for the Campus Agreement software by faculty and staff, but for OSU business purposes only. Personal use is available through Tech Hub.
  • The agreement provides the framework for compatibility for Microsoft desktop support across the university by providing access to the latest versions. This should lead to streamlined university-wide computing support needs as a result of this standardization.
  • The agreement allows all participating universities to eliminate forecast targets for product volumes on the Microsoft Select agreement for each year of the Campus Agreement. The Select agreement provides low pricing for Microsoft products used on OSU-owned equipment that are not covered by the Campus Agreement.

  • Personal Use Program

    • As a part of the Microsoft Campus Agreement, the Personal Use program allows for faculty, staff and students to purchase Microsoft products for personal use.

    • Products are purchased with your personal funds.

    • You have a perpetual license for the product and version you purchase; however, no upgrades are provided.

    • Products are used on your personally-owned PC.