Who is Eligible?

Students: You must be currently enrolled in at least one for-credit class verifiable through the Office of the Registrar. To purchase the software available under this agreement, you must provide:

  • Proof of enrollment at the time the licenses are purchased with a valid BuckID card. Enrollment in a previous quarter is not proof of enrollment.

Note that Tech Hub is where software is distributed.

Faculty and Staff: You must currently be employed by The Ohio State University. If you are the primary user of the software licensed in the Campus Agreement on your computer at work, you may use the products on a single personally-owned computer for OSU work at home. For work at home use: a) it may be used only for work-related purposes and b) you must delete and remove from the RAM memory and permanent memory (Hard Disk) of such computer any secondary copy of such products upon termination of this Agreement or upon your separation from Ohio State University, whichever comes first.

Faculty and staff may also purchase the same personal-use license as students, at the same prices, through Tech Hub.

To purchase the software or media available through this agreement, you must provide:

  • Proof of employment at the time the software is acquired with a valid BuckID card or departmental badge.

Note: Faculty and Staff can only purchase media for the Campus Agreement software with university funds (eRequest or Procurement Card ). Software purchased on the Personal Use Program can be purchased with cash, check, credit card and BuckID. Please see the "Distribution" or "Software" pages for purchase details.

Who is Not Eligible?

Anyone not otherwise eligible; for example:

  • Anyone enrolled exclusively in noncredit courses, including Program 60.
  • Conference attendees.
  • Alumni (with the exception of those who graduate during the term of the agreement, and who have purchased a copy through Tech Hub).
  • Visitors.
  • Companies, and their employees, who have been hired on a contractual basis for services on or off campus (i.e., individuals not directly employed by The Ohio State University).
  • Retired faculty and staff, including Emeritus faculty.
  • Staff of affiliates of OSU, such as the OSU Alumni Association staff, who are not OSU employees.
  • Parents, spouses, siblings of current Ohio State University students.